Steph Korey on Expected 2022 Investment Trends

Understanding investment trends in the United States is significant for any investor or prospective investor. It has taken the art of staying informed on the investment landscape for Steph Korey to achieve her current level of success. For Korey, one thing that continues to work for her is knowing current investment trends.


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As 2022 begins, it is crucial to watch the investment landscape. Recently Steph Korey had a chance to give some highlights into 2022 expected investment trends. Even though the pandemic continues, the investment sector is already post-covid stage. The behavior of stock markets and the prices point towards an economy that has already been re-opened. Due to this, many things are likely to happen in the investment sphere in 2022.

One of the things which Steph Korey oversees is a situation whereby interest rates are likely to go up. Due to the pandemic that hiked in 2020, the Federal Reserve System introduced an easing policy. In some instances, interest was at zero percent. However, with the trend in the investment landscape, the easing policies might likely be lifted. As a result, the interest rates are likely to double. The only thing that might hinder this increase is if the pandemic persists.

One of the most significant challenges the US economy faced in 2021 was inflation. Most of the everyday commodities saw a price increase. Inflation directly affects the financial markets, and if the same is not regularized, the issue might become a financial disaster. Another trend that existed in 2021 and is likely to continue in the current year is a frustrating supply chain industry. Every state experienced supply chain frustrations. Some products were not available in stores, or the available products were scarce. It is no longer strange to walk into renowned grocery stores and not find what you are looking for. Therefore with these unsettling trends, Steph Karey advises that new investors should seek more information regarding investments before venturing in.

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