Outstanding William Lea Tag’s CEO, Gary McGaghey

Since the year began, CFOs have been facing unprecedented challenges that directly impact their growth goals. The top concerns include the COVID-19 pandemic, pricing pressure, lack of talent, inflation, and uncertain tax policies. Due to the intensity of the challenges, PwC decided to do a survey.

About 83% of the PwC Pulse Survey respondents recommended attracting and nurturing talent as the primary influencer of growth. Besides, a considerable number hinted at the effects of pricing strategies on the growth agendas. Interestingly, about 30% were concerned with tax increments.

CFO’s have the role of ensuring a business’ revenue grows. Consequently, the rising pressures target these financial leaders. Therefore, the CFOs of various companies should deliberate the issues with tax directors and assess the possible changes in local and global policies that impact expansion and growth.

Further, the PwC’s survey revealed that a majority of the CFO’s will concentrate on taxes, environment, social and governance (ESG), future work, regulations, building trust, enabling growth, and accelerating transformation. The CFOs are likely to concentrate on these topics due to the uncertainties and the ever-changing business environment. Thus, the CFO’s will prepare for the future by carefully handling the present issues.

Gary McGaghey, an exceptional chief financial officer, is among the people who are mandated to handle the challenging business landscape in 2022. Gary has a financial management role at William Lea Tag, a company owned by PE Group and Advent International. Consequently, he oversees balance sheet accounting, mergers and acquisitions, cost restructuring divestitures, and carve-outs.

Gary McGaghey can manage the company’s €1.3 billion due to his tremendous experience. After his studies at the University of South Africa, Gary served in multiple companies before joining William Lea Tag. Some of the companies he served include Baker Street Snacks, Unilever, and Robertsons Foods. His extended stay at Unilever granted him a chance to hone his skills, thus making him suitable to serve William Lea Tag as a CFO.

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