Higher Education Specialist Dr. David Parrott UF

The University of Florida’s Dr. David Parrott created the “University of Florida Dr. David Parrott UF” blog to share his knowledge with the online community. In addition to making it more convenient for students to find the information they’re looking for. Based on this educational experience, he also has a book available through Amazon that can help even more students take advantage of their online learning opportunities.


This, without having to get up and leave their dorm room or apartment! Dr. David Parrott’s blog is meant to be an open-door portal for young people seeking knowledge. The blog can easily and quickly be used while still seeking advice from experts with years of experience in their fields. He likes to use the phrase “different perspectives” when speaking about why he blogs and what he believes it means to blog. Each person’s perspective on a topic will be different; therefore, his views are meant to complement the views of others.


Higher education specialist 


Dr. David Parrott UF, a full-time professor at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, has been involved in the technology and education community for over 20 years. He has helped to improve higher education by developing a robust learning management system (LMS) (Doyoubuzz).

This, as well as social learning software that helps students to connect even better with one another as David Parrott explains. Teachers can provide more personalized experiences for their students by using these tools. Teachers can also provide a more dynamic experience by presenting non-traditional content in different ways via podcasting, etc., while still providing evaluations that help to ensure that students have learned concepts on an empirical level. David Parrott supervises all the process.