Betsy DeVos Loves People

Some people are very much people people. That means they love being around others. That is something that Betsy DeVos has done in her life. She cares very much about the world around her. She has worked hard in her own life to create a world in which many people have a chance at a better life and a better education for their kids. In her opinion, it’s best for everyone to consider what they can do personally to make the world of educational policy better. She is someone who has made this world her own by looking for ways to ensure that all kids have a chance to enter schools that can help them contribute to the world. Her work is all about helping people. That is why Betsy DeVos has earned a great deal of respect from all those who have been able to work with her on educational policy.


Very Personable


Her work has helped open up her views to many points of view. It has also helped her engage with people of varied backgrounds. She has been there to hear their concerns. This is why she earned a lot of respect from people in the last few years and way back before that time. She knows that people care about what she does and can do for them. She does this every single day when she shows up to work to help students, teachers and parents get more from the educational system in the United States right now. People who care about education can learn from her experiences and become better at helping students learn when they come to any classroom in the country. Her work has been very much about making sure that people are given a chance to have a fabulous education.


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