Andrew Frame And The Success Of Citizen

After recognizing the prevalence and accessibility of smartphone technology and setting the goal of using his career to make improvements in the world, Andrew Frame launched the Citizen App. The purpose of the Citizen app is to collect information about a certain location and use that information to keep people safe.

Andrew Frame has been gaining experience in the field of technology from a young age, starting up an internet service provider (ISP) at 15 and working as a support engineer for Cisco Systems at 17. Frame later spent several years working for Procket Networks before founding another company called Ooma, which he stayed with until he launched the Citizen app (then called “Vigilante”) in 2016.

After founding multiple companies, Andrew Frame has learned how to be a successful and productive entrepreneur, and he happily shares his advice with his employees with others. For example, he shares that, while he does specialize in technology and entrepreneurship, Andrew Frame studies other subjects and has a variety of hobbies as well. Frame says he finds much inspiration in these hobbies, and he encourages his employees to do the same. He also offers an online course through Stanford University, which is designed to support its students in creating successful start-up businesses.

The success of the Citizen app can be attributed to Andrew Frame’s business practices. For example, Frame prioritizes teamwork, ensuring that he and the company are supported by skilled workers that he respects and listens to. Employees and co-workers are not the only ones who Frame receives feedback from. In order to improve Citizen, he seeks out feedback from consumers and takes it into account when making changes to the app. Finally, while Frame says he has many ideas that he is passionate about, he ensures to prioritize the most important and relevant ideas so that he and the company can be as productive as possible. Visit this page for additional information.


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