Month: January 2022

Trey Braham: Find What You Love and Strive to Make it Better

January 28, 2022

Trey Branham: Find What You love and strive to Make it Better. Trey Branham grew up by adhering to a particular set of principles. Hard work, Sacrifice, and commitment. These values have helped him reach where he is right now. He graduated in 1999 with a J.D from the University of Carolina law school. Trey…

How Steph Korey Believes Failure Can Help Entrepreneurs Excel

January 28, 2022

Steph Korey is an entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom. As a successful business owner, Steph Korey is aware that in order to achieve success in business, entrepreneurs need to learn from failure. According to Steph Korey, many entrepreneurs have failed in the past and it helped them become even more successful in the future….

 Marwan Kheireddine;  Banker or Politician?

January 26, 2022

Marwan Kheireddin earned his bachelor’s degree in the UK before he transferred to a top-notch Business School in New York to earn his master’s degree in BA. He went on to become a lecturer of finance at the American University of Beruit in 1993 where he gave speeches for ten years. About halfway through his…

The Successful Career of Steph Korey

January 21, 2022

Steph Korey is an investor that focuses on startups. She has been helping companies grow tremendously through her broad ideas. Throughout the years that she has been operating in the industry, Steph Korey has been able to develop ventures and bring inventive tactics to help survive any challenging situations they face. Her successes have enabled…

 Du Shuanghua’s Role in the Sale of Rizhao Steel Holding Group

January 19, 2022

Du Shuanghua is the chairman of Rizhao Steel Holding Group, the largest private steel manufacturer in China. He is also known for his philanthropic endeavors as he has supported several youth causes financially. He has been at the center of Rizhao steel and was responsible for selling the shares of the company to Shandong Iron…

Frances Townsend: From Homeland Security Expert to Director of Corporate Affairs

January 19, 2022

Frances Townsend is an American national security expert working for Corporate Affairs at Activision Blizzard. She served as the homeland security advisor to President George W. Bush until she left in 2007. Townsend was the first woman to be appointed Assistant to the President of the United States for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and simultaneously…

How Zilch Defines Being On a Budget

January 10, 2022

Telling others you’re on a budget leads to believe you’re broke, or that they aren’t willing to share with you. However, that isn’t true. Everyone should be living on a budget. Doing so prevents financial hardship in the future, and it’s wise. It’s wise to aim for paying for things as you go, rather than…