Thomas Neyhart: PosiGen Helping Families Live Better, Save Money on Electric Bills

The management of PosiGen say they are proud of how they have been able to help families save money while improving the safety and comfort of the homes they live in, Thomas Neyhart points out. The company does that by fitting homes with rooftop solar panel units that immediately began cutting the cost of electricity bills. PosiGen’s solar systems are net metered. That means they are integrated with the incoming power service of a traditional utility company in a way that actually “sends energy back” to the company.


For every kilowatt of power the new solar panel system produces, the cost of that energy is subtracted from the homeowners’ monthly bill. It can save people thousands of dollars on energy costs. PosiGen is headquartered in Louisiana. It is a firm born in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Thousands of homes were devastated and businessmen such as Thomas Neyhart at PosiGen felt they needed to help people through this situation. Numerous federal aid programs were implemented to help people rebuild. Unfortunately, low and moderate-income homes were largely frozen out of getting this help.


The founders of PosiGen saw an opportunity to assist these families while they struggled to rebuild their lives and dwellings. It was also a chance to kill two birds with one stone. The idea was to make it so that homes contribute less to climate change (part of which drove Hurricane Katrina) and then easier to afford the basic necessity of buying electricity. To date, Thomas Neyhart explains, PosiGen has fitted more than 14,000 homes with clean, green and efficient solar systems that have made a bona fide difference in the daily lives of people.

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