The Successful Life of Dr Barry Lall

To achieve excellence in one’s profession requires skill, resilience, and the zeal to achieve more. Barry Lall had zeal and resilience but lacked the competence to pursue a career in hotel management. He, however, was determined to learn and thrive. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Hotels.

Career History and Early Life

Dr.Barry Lall was born in the regions of southeastern Africa. His interest in entrepreneurship grew at a young age as he helped in managing his father’s cloth store. He, however, reluctantly had to choose a career that paid the bills due to the experience of growing up in unstable financial conditions. He made medicine his career choice and attended medical school in Scotland.

He moved to the United States for his internship and began practicing at Kaiser Hospital in Chula Vista. He loved taking care of his patients and found great fulfillment in treating various ailments. However, his career path gave him great dissatisfaction that he thought of pursuing his passion in entrepreneurship.

His career change began after seeing an advert on the sale of a 12 room lodge on Coronado Island. He took the risk and purchased the beach motel. Barry Lall saw the opportunity to revive the hotel into a thriving business which led him to learn skills like painting walls. The medical field had given him no exposure on how to manage the hotel business. It however gave him people skills and the ability to detect a problem that he can solve which he uses in managing his hotel business.

He then partnered with two of his friends to form a hotel firm. The hotel firm functioned to buy dilapidated bankrupt properties and turn them into thriving properties. The firm is known as Pinnacle Hotels which currently has an annual revenue of $40 million.

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