The Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute Will Support 20 Organizations in Curitiba, Brazil

The Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute Will Support 20 Organizations in Curitiba, Brazil. The funding will go to projects that will help children and adolescents with severe disabilities. The total amount invested in the project is R$ 2 million. The funding will be a part of the Institute’s social action program, which has a projected budget of R$ 5.4 million for different initiatives in Curitiba. The Jacobovicz family has long supported culture and education.

The institute will support projects that will improve the lives of millions of people. This initiative is a partnership between private and public institutions that will make a positive impact on society. In addition to funding, the Institute will provide consulting services to innovators and other organizations. The institute will help entrepreneurs develop innovative ideas and translate them into practical actions. This initiative will also partner with public companies and research centers to share their findings.

The foundation’s mission is to help disadvantaged children overcome challenges and succeed in life. The Institute will provide educational support, training, and other resources to organizations that aim to better the lives of children. This grant will help children in Curitiba, Brazil, and the region. The foundation will support twenty institutions in the region and will fund an estimated 3.5 thousand children. It will be the first step in a process that will ultimately lead to the reintegration of thousands of children and more

The Institute was founded in 2010 by former IBM executive Haroldo Jacobovicz. Its other subsidiaries include the ItaipuBinational and Horizons Telecom. These companies are aimed at helping communities develop autonomy, social development, and respect for diversity. In addition to the Haroldo Jacobovicz Foundation’s support for these organizations, the institute will also provide consulting services to organizations that work on innovation projects.

The institute is a Brazilian organization that has long been active in the city. The Institute is committed to strengthening family ties and community life. The founders of the institute will work with local communities to help improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable. In Curitiba, the Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute will support 20 institutions in the city. And the new foundation’s constitution notes that the foundation will have two officers: Sarita Jacobovicz and Haroldo Jacobovicz.