Overview Of Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is an American Businessman who is the co-founder of The Kraft Group. He was born in Brookline in 1941 and a graduate of Harvard Business School, where he had the idea of starting a group of diversified and financially robust businesses. Before he moved to Harvard Business School, he was in Columbia University, where he played on the school’s Lightweight football team.

Robert Kraft started his first packaging operation in 1968, and in 1972 he established International Forest Products. With the International Forest Product, Robert Kraft created a platform that has resulted in the growth of The Kraft Group. Robert Kraft has several other holdings, including New England Patriot, Rand-Whitney Group, New England Revolution, the Rand-Whitney Containerboard, and other private-equity investments.

Robert Kraft is also among the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank located in Boston. Moreover, he invested much in the field of entertainment. Kraft founded the Patriot franchise in 1960 and has been a Patriot fan since the American Football Leagues. In 1985, Kraft purchased an option close to the stadium, resulting in him being the team’s owner. In 1988, Kraft managed to buy the stadium after it was considered bankrupt.

In 2007, Robert Kraft announced plans to develop the land around Gillette Stadium, thereby creating a multi-million open-air shopping and an entertainment center referred to as Patriot Place. Later in 2005, rumors had it that Kraft was planning to invest his money into 2004/2005 European Champions after meeting with the CEO of an English Football Team called Liverpool.

Kraft and his wife always had the urge to help others. They have donated a lot of money to cater to education, children and women issues, youth sports, and even healthcare. Moreover, they have supported even institutions such as Columbia University, Tufts University, and Boston College. Click here to learn more.


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