Marwan Kheireddine;  Banker or Politician?

Marwan Kheireddin earned his bachelor’s degree in the UK before he transferred to a top-notch Business School in New York to earn his master’s degree in BA. He went on to become a lecturer of finance at the American University of Beruit in 1993 where he gave speeches for ten years. About halfway through his service at the university, he was elected to serve on their advisory board as well.

Near the end of his tenure there(in 2011) Marwan served as Minister of the State for the Lebanese government and spent much of his time lobbying for the banking industry. He played a key role in gaining government approval to create laws that would limit the cash flow in and out of the country, thereby making it harder for terrorists and con artists to launder cash in the region. Then, in 2012, he joined the board of trustees at a local university, where he took an interest in politics and began learning the art of policy-making. He flourished in this area and was even made a board member.

Mr. Kheireddine believes that financing entrepreneurs will lead to economic growth and stability. He co-founded the Banque Du Liban Circular 303 to provide incentives to other banks to do just that. Tech start-ups, incubators, and venture capital funds are among some of the sectors he promotes.

After such a dynamic career path he has finally settled. Marwan Kheireddine currently works for a commercial bank as CEO and Chairman and was quoted saying; “Beruit Institute will provide an inventory of Arab minds, ideas, and wisdom that will enable the world to better understand the region and future development.” Read more by visiting: