Liu Qiangdong’s Profile is Filled with Notable Recognitions is China’s leading one-stop e-commerce website, established by Liu Qiangdong in 2014. The company began as a small store and rose to be the third in the world’s online business in revenue growth. Throughout this unique entrepreneurial path, Liu Qiangdong has consistently emphasized the importance of service quality and technology to improve customer serviceability and attract a fan base through a high-quality encounter.

JD Health has unveiled its new online support system in Hong Kong to provide easier access to healthcare assistance from online specialists and multimedia advice on coronavirus infection control practices. The company deployed inventories and created a particular web page on its App to provide Hong Kong customers with online shopping convenience, special offers, and free delivery service. declared a voluntary contribution of RMB 100 million yuan in anti-epidemic equipment to Hong Kong medical workers. The “Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link” (CCIL), a frontline non-profit organization, will organize donations. The company utilizes its technological advantages and supply chain infrastructure capabilities to fulfill its social responsibility by facilitating the prevention and management of the COVID-19 pandemic in various regions throughout China. JD.Com has also shown support in some European, Asian, and South American Countries to fight COVID-19. is top leading China’s online retail for quick service, diverse product lines, and a shopping experience customized to today’s modern online purchases. Shining with victory, the company now has the biggest swift of drones available for transportation service and collaborates with industry titans to provide a diverse range of high-quality goods and exceptional customer service.

The corporation worked to develop an unmatched logistics network, bringing aspects of the business directly to the consumer instead of authorizing them to third parties. Thus it enabled them to enter the market of the earlier underrepresented third and fourth-tier urban centers.

Liu Qiangdong’s profile is filled with notable recognitions, profitable business endeavors, and a consistent direction of growth across all of his professional ventures.