Jason Hughes of San Diego Claims that Starbucks’ CEO Guided his Investment Strategy

In 2017, successful entrepreneur Jason Hughes, the Hughes Marino co-founder was going on a vacation to Sydney when a lucrative deal happened. He got a chance to meet Howard Schultz, the Starbucks CEO at the Seattle roasting company.  They met at 3 am and Jason Hughes was bidding on the occasion. Hughes won this bidding war. Jason was a great Schultz fan alongside his capacity to balance social conscience as well as profit. 


Hughes wanted to get his brain oriented to the business and desired to meet Schultz, a man who emerged from Brooklyn, a poor project to make highly demanded coffee globally. Howard’s secretary contacted Hughes to make a meeting date. Jason Hughes requested to be accompanied by his family since they were Howard’s fans. The secretary promised to consult with Mr. Schultz. Jason has a tenant representation agency with offices in San Diego, East Bay, New York, Los Angeles, Orange County, Denver, San Francisco, and Seattle. 

They decided to meet in Seattle and as they were waiting for Schultz, he walked in as a celebrity because the atmosphere was buzzing. Many people appreciated him, something that excited him a lot. He told Jason that he was happy to meet him and his family. He lauded Jason Hughes´great family. In addition, he praised the excellent work done at his Hughes Marino buyer representation firm. The mood was quite surreal because Schultz is charismatic and intoxicating. A meeting that was scheduled for just 30 minutes, took two hours. Jason Hughes even read many of Schultz’s books and even has some copies at home. with underlined phrases and some pages dog-eared.