Cloud Inventory Launches A Solution For The Supply Chain From Manufacturing, Warehousing, And Infield

APRIL 28, 2021, KANSAS CITY, MO — Data Systems International®, a services producer of inventive supply chain management, has mentioned that the Salesforce supplier relationship management infrastructure will be incorporated with its Cloud Inventory® – Field Inventory systems. Salesforce customers may now leverage Field Inventory services to consolidate field-captured, correct information on the apparatus, instruments, and merchandise used in field service requests and reports.

Salesforce is a virtualized technology business that delivers CRM assistance and a portfolio of enterprise systems.

DSI is enabling Salesforce licensees a combination of its Field Inventory tools to achieve better the field operations aspect of Salesforce CRM. Field Inventory Management is an online tool that allows people to see the present incarnation and whereabouts of devices and stock levels in the field in a timely manner.

Salesforce clients may use Field Inventory management to generate customer requests and predict the merchandise, supplies, and human resource utilizing a user-friendly composite program. This feature enables field employees to execute or share the details of a work order. As information is entered in the field, it is autonomously updated with the whole CRM system, ensuring high precision responses to customers.Refer to this article for additional information.

Consequently, the company has designed another software for manufacturers: Manufacturing Materials To resolve the enormous requirements in this intensified supply chain business world, the homepage highlights manufacturing-specific remedies. Manufacturing Materials is fully committed to Cloud Inventory’s Production Materials systems. It delivers complete process visibility into factory line completion, contributing to increased performance, shortened turnaround time, and fulfilling customer prerequisites for on-time, in-full deliveries.

Lastly, Cloud Inventory designed a Warehouse Inventory process to improve warehouse performance and minimize expenditures by documenting stock information when used to leverage virtual inventory apps. Furthermore, because the program captures up-to-date data and oversees activities, this system aids in making sure that adherence to rules and regulatory guidelines. Therefore, without compromising your current systems, this warehouse inventory will assist you in achieving breakthrough inventory control.


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