ClassDojo Builds Its Success On Feedback From Thousands Of Teachers

ClassDojo allows teachers to give students feedback, in real time, and share it with parents via a convenient app. The app works on a point system, where points can be given for good behavior or taken away for bad behavior. Each student is assigned a unique avatar to represent them on the service. The app even allows for teachers to take and share pictures and videos of students in their class so parents can see what’s going on in the classroom. Students can even post their own news stories and other projects on the platform.

What makes ClassDojo so successful? There are two main reasons for its success. The first and biggest reason is because it has relied on constant feedback from 20,000 teachers. This is integral because the feedback is coming from teachers who are working in the classroom and know what works. The second reason for the service’s success is that it relies on a freemium model, meaning that it’s free for both teachers and parents to use.

The success is apparent, given that the service is offered in over 30 languages and has penetrated into 180 countries. The result is that ClassDojo reaches over 10 million children daily in grades k-8.

ClassDojo is the brainchild of Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The two were always passionate about education and began dreaming up the service in Cambridge England during a meeting for entrepreneurs. They wanted to find a way to bring the classroom closer to home. Since then, they have raised well over $30 million from investors and have a valuation of over $100 million.

Nowadays, the platform has plenty of competition from other companies entering the education space. But by focusing on their core product and listening to teacher feedback, ClassDojo continues to lead the way.

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