CEO Thomas Neyhart´s PosiGen and Affordable, Sustainable Energy

PosiGen, led by CEO Thomas Neyhart, is an energy company focused on making sustainable and efficient energy available to all. The company aims to accomplish this by offering affordable solar power to customers, especially those in lower-income communities that may not have access to it otherwise. The main goal of PosiGen is to distribute solar power to all communities. 


Led by Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen allows its customers to choose between leasing a solar energy system and purchasing it, so they can select the option that works best for them. PosiGen is also available to perform home energy audits that identify problem areas in homes that lead to energy loss. By informing customers about these issues and recommending solutions, inspectors can help households save both energy and money. 


In offering affordable solar energy options and making energy use more efficient, PosiGen has a large positive impact on both the communities it helps and the world as a whole (Myneworleans). 

Supporting sustainable energy helps to preserve the health of the environment, and making solar energy available to a wider range of customers ensures that as many people as possible can rely on renewable energy rather than less sustainable options. Under the leadership of Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen also makes sure to focus on high-need, low-income communities and supports these communities by offering both money-saving energy options and job opportunities.