CEO of CARROLL, M Patrick Carroll Participates in BisNow Summit

The BisNow Florida Real Estate Summit is an annual event that brings together the movers and shakers of the real estate industry in Florida. This year, among all of the keynote speakers, panel discussions, and networking opportunities available to attendees, one speaker really stood out. M Patrick Carroll – founder and CEO of CARROLL – was a guest speaker at this year’s summit. His insights into what makes his company stand out from other companies made him particularly memorable among attendees.”

M Patrick Carroll is a well-known real estate leader who has been in the industry for over 30 years. He owns CARROLL, an innovative real estate development and investment company that ensures excellence in every project they undertake. By being an opportunist and a futurist leader, the company has transitioned from house flipping to owning multifamily properties exceeding thirty thousand located in the country’s top seven loved states. One of his strategic plans or rather decisions that proved to be a life-changer to CARROLL firm is when he decided to buy multifamily properties in the urban areas with the cash he had sold the company’s units before the 2008 recession.

M Patrick Carroll also predicts that the covid-19 pandemic will result in high demand for houses in remote areas for people looking for a way to escape from overcrowded cities. He also adds that housing will be a hot commodity, and there is the need for the development of humane shelters with all amenities to attract more people into buying these homes.

Being in the real estate sector for long has made M Patrick Carroll the authority to preach on what investors should do at this time. After the hurricane that happened in South Florida, Patrick warns investors of impending downward growth due to the following expected factors: Increased insurance rates on properties, low demand, and cap rate restrictions.

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