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How Citizen App Is Changing Livelihoods

February 8, 2022

The application of the Citizen App has been very successful in helping people enjoy improved security. Different things can happen in your neighborhoods that can compromise security. You need to get the right information about the security of a given place before you act. Act fast, and you will avoid cases where the security will…

Andrew Frame And The Success Of Citizen

February 8, 2022

After recognizing the prevalence and accessibility of smartphone technology and setting the goal of using his career to make improvements in the world, Andrew Frame launched the Citizen App. The purpose of the Citizen app is to collect information about a certain location and use that information to keep people safe. Andrew Frame has been…

Andrew Frame: American Entrepreneur Who Wants To Keep People Safe

December 16, 2021

Andrew Frame has been growing up in a digital age, which has taught him to be an entrepreneur, an engineer and a storyteller. He’s also a citizen of two cities (Los Angeles and New York) that share a common bond: they’re both on the edge of technology’s new frontier. He moved to Las Vegas in…