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Philip Belamant Turns Industry Disruption Into An Art Form

May 12, 2022

Philip Belamant was born in 1954 in Tulle, France. He is a French-South African computer scientist and entrepreneur who is most well known for developing the first blockchain technology system in 1989. He has also been recognized as one of the best bankers in South Africa. He worked for Control Financial Services Group, where he…

The Amazing Miki Agrawal

May 4, 2022

.The Amazing Miki Agrawal The serial social entrepreneur Miki Agrawal is well-known. With three New York City outlets, one in Guatemala, and more to come, Miki is the brains behind the highly lauded agriculture, alternative pizza concept known as WILD. The following are some of her accolades:   View this post on Instagram   A…

Liu Qiangdong’s Profile is Filled with Notable Recognitions

April 22, 2022 is China’s leading one-stop e-commerce website, established by Liu Qiangdong in 2014. The company began as a small store and rose to be the third in the world’s online business in revenue growth. Throughout this unique entrepreneurial path, Liu Qiangdong has consistently emphasized the importance of service quality and technology to improve customer serviceability…

Edgard Corona: How This Brazilian Entrepreneur Became a Fitness Mogul

April 18, 2022

Edgard Corona is the founder of Smart Fit, one of Brazil’s leading fitness companies. He started the company in his garage in 2002, and it has since grown into a multimillion-dollar business. What makes Edgard Corona so successful? He is a passionate entrepreneur who knows how to build a winning team and take his business…

 Outstanding William Lea Tag’s CEO, Gary McGaghey

February 24, 2022

Since the year began, CFOs have been facing unprecedented challenges that directly impact their growth goals. The top concerns include the COVID-19 pandemic, pricing pressure, lack of talent, inflation, and uncertain tax policies. Due to the intensity of the challenges, PwC decided to do a survey. About 83% of the PwC Pulse Survey respondents recommended…

Andrew Frame And The Success Of Citizen

February 8, 2022

After recognizing the prevalence and accessibility of smartphone technology and setting the goal of using his career to make improvements in the world, Andrew Frame launched the Citizen App. The purpose of the Citizen app is to collect information about a certain location and use that information to keep people safe. Andrew Frame has been…

How Steph Korey Believes Failure Can Help Entrepreneurs Excel

January 28, 2022

Steph Korey is an entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom. As a successful business owner, Steph Korey is aware that in order to achieve success in business, entrepreneurs need to learn from failure. According to Steph Korey, many entrepreneurs have failed in the past and it helped them become even more successful in the future….

 Marwan Kheireddine;  Banker or Politician?

January 26, 2022

Marwan Kheireddin earned his bachelor’s degree in the UK before he transferred to a top-notch Business School in New York to earn his master’s degree in BA. He went on to become a lecturer of finance at the American University of Beruit in 1993 where he gave speeches for ten years. About halfway through his…

 Du Shuanghua’s Role in the Sale of Rizhao Steel Holding Group

January 19, 2022

Du Shuanghua is the chairman of Rizhao Steel Holding Group, the largest private steel manufacturer in China. He is also known for his philanthropic endeavors as he has supported several youth causes financially. He has been at the center of Rizhao steel and was responsible for selling the shares of the company to Shandong Iron…

Andrew Frame: American Entrepreneur Who Wants To Keep People Safe

December 16, 2021

Andrew Frame has been growing up in a digital age, which has taught him to be an entrepreneur, an engineer and a storyteller. He’s also a citizen of two cities (Los Angeles and New York) that share a common bond: they’re both on the edge of technology’s new frontier. He moved to Las Vegas in…