Best Things Joseph Ashford Has Learned as an Entrepreneur

Joseph Ashford’s travels and professional experiences give him an ideal background to help solve problems for business owners. His experience as a manager, an entrepreneur and as an international banker also adds additional insight. In today’s fast-paced business world, an entrepreneur can gain invaluable experience while working with a company like K4 Global London. It’s an organization that encourages you to focus on your strengths and make the most of your strengths.

There’s no reason you can’t work alongside these leading figures and grow yourself both personally and professionally. Before founding the firm, Joseph Ashford served in various senior leadership positions in major organizations, including a two-year tenure as a senior executive at Sears Holdings Corporation. Ashford’s background in retail, manufacturing, and distribution, combined with his insight into global consumer behavior and new technology, resulted in his appointment to this position.

At Sears, he worked directly with a broad base of consumers and handled a variety of operations, including logistics, financial management, information technology, and leadership development. His role included directing the operations and activities of all company divisions, with an emphasis on merchandising, marketing, store development, and real estate. He also managed the company’s central support.


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With a wealth of experience under his belt, Joseph Ashford (London) realized that there was a clear need for helping companies grow in emerging markets. In order to fill that void, he knew it was necessary to become an independent company. To do that, he applied his skills in cross-functional leadership, global operations, knowledge of developing markets, and more. K4 Global was created in 2014 with the goal of helping businesses around the globe reach their goals. Ashford and his colleagues now serve clients in 46 countries.

What Joseph Ashford is most proud of: “I’m most proud of the people that work for K4 Global. These are very talented people who help the company evolve, make us more competitive and help us achieve their goals: “My goal at K4 was to set up a company that didn’t just survive, but prospered. I chose the industry of IT, not just because I have a background in that field, but because I felt the need to set up a company that would help clients solve business issues in an environment that would be of most benefit to them.”

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