Anette Bronder-The Digitized IT Expert

Anette Bronder, a German It expert, has exhibited that discipline, teamwork, and attitude are non-negotiable for team leaders. She has over 25 years of experience in the Lt management position.

Initially, Bronder was not interested in IT. Her first love was journalism though her handball career kicked in first. She trained in ballet as a kid but switched to handball in her teenage years, a position she held for long both as a team player and a goalkeeper. She was inspired to become a goalkeeper by her height. According to Bronder, this position predisposed her to many of the skills she applied as an IT expert.

Bronder left handball in 1997 and started working in IT. Being away for a long had a toll on her handball career, and she had to drop it altogether. Her focus shifted entirely to IT work.

In the university, she pursued social sciences with a focus on innovation. She draws her experience from prominent corporations such as reinsurance, IT, and telecoms. Presently, she works in developing organizations, utilizing innovation and digitization to increment deals.

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Bronder notes that handball taught her three notable lessons. Attitude is critical and has a lot to do with your accomplishments and how people regard you. Discipline prevails whether you be a top athlete or manager in the office. Discipline is key to success. It would help if you were focused and disciplined to achieve success.

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In addition, Bronder says it is essential to work in a team. Teamwork makes the dream work for everyone. Though people come and go, the team is based on discipline, high morale, and perf. According to her, Stay true to yourself, have an objective, and embrace the team spirit.