Advice from Jason Hope on Becoming a Self-Made Success

An article was published in December of 2019 on the website Blog Helpline, and the article is about five success tips that are recommended by Jason Hope. The article begins by giving some background information about Jason Hope. The information that is detailed in the article includes where Jason Hope grew up, where he attended college, current areas of interest and organizations that he has worked with in the past. After the article provides some details about Jason Hope’s past, it then shifts to the five self-made success tips that Jason Hope recommends. 

Jason Hope

The first one that is touched on by the article is “setting a productive tone each day”. Hope talks about how he starts his day with healthy habits such as exercise and a healthy breakfast. He also mentions that he stresses balance between the amount of time he spends at his computer and the amount of time he spends meeting the physical needs of his body. The second tip that he recommends is “bringing ideas to life”. Jason Hope mentions that throughout his day he does not overcomplicate his ideas and discusses them with others to get feedback on them. The third tip is “confronting failure”. Hope mentions that his past failures do not bother him, and instead Hope focuses on the end goal and what he can do to work towards that.


The fourth tip is about “online marketing”. Hope details that online marketing skills are always in demand due to the digital age that we are in. He stresses the importance of learning these skills if you have a desire to start your own business. The article ends with Jason Hope detailing the fifth and final tip, which is “seeing the big picture”. Hope talks about how stressing over the small details may cause you to burn yourself out and that you should instead focus on the bigger picture.